Senior Relocation Services

Making the moving process stress free for seniors and their loved ones.

It’s more than just moving.

Efficiency Ninja’s North Carolina senior relocating services are truly holistic.

It takes space planning experience to know what to pack to fit into the smaller apartment closets and cupboards and to know what furniture will fit. It also takes a person with sensitivity and empathy to understand it’s very emotional to say goodbye to belongings with memories attached to them. I guide my clients gently through the decluttering process, and handle the logistics of moving down to the last detail.


1822 S Glenburnie Road, #203, New Bern, NC 28562
Office: 252-288-4467 | Cell: 813-334-7234

What can Efficiency Ninja do to make your relocation process easier?

  • Determine scope of move plan
  • Discuss move timeline and set dates
  • Visit new residence and measure rooms, cabinets, cupboards, and more
  • Develop layout/diagram by room for furniture & wall art
  • Sort and organize items for an estate sale
  • Orchestrate estate sale and follow up
  • Household inventory
  • Contact mover for walk through & move quote
  • Reach out to community groups for donated items
  • Utility services moved and turned on, and unused services cancelled
  • Change of address with United States Post Office
  • Deciding what to donate, sell, and move
  • Furniture & space planning
  • Packing belongings
  • Supervising the move
  • Unpacking everything at your new location

Get step by step guidance

with empathy and understanding.

Who is the Efficiency Ninja?

I’m Linda Cantella, and I’m passionate about helping my clients. I’m an experienced logistics professional with 30 years of project and event management expertise.

Relocating a loved one is a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be filled with stress. I work side by side with my clients through the entire project, every step of the way.

On my team, I have trusted real estate agents, a reputable estate sale company, and professional movers to make my clients dreams come true with as little stress as possible.

I care deeply for all my clients; and demonstrate that by listening to what they need or want so I can help them define what needs to be done, and by providing solutions that work for each client individually.


"Being out of state, I was relieved to get frequent updates from Linda about my parents move. She kept me informed during the entire process. She managed the move with precision and took care of a thousand little details to ensure my parents settled in to their retirement community apartment. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work.”

Mary, Texas

"I didn’t have to worry about anything, Linda handled every detail of my move. I can’t express how much I appreciated her positive nature and thoughtfulness. She took care of things during the move I never would have thought of.”

Betty, New Bern

"I was ready to sell my house and move into a retirement community, but the thought of everything I would have to do kept me from listing my house. I wanted to blink my eyes and magically go from my home into my new apartment without dealing with a move. Linda took care of everything from the beginning, and all I had to do was decide what I wanted to bring with me. I can’t say enough about Linda’s attention to detail and her kindness. She was as excited as I was about setting up my new apartment.”

Anne, New Bern

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