What is Efficiency?

Life’s too short to waste time, right? But efficiency isn’t just about doing something as quickly as possible. Efficiency is about getting the job done without wasting time, energy, or resources. Efficiency is about doing something right the first time—avoiding errors along the way. It’s about knowing not only the fastest way to do a thing, but the best way to do it. Efficiency comes from know-how and experience.

Why does it matter?

Efficiency goes hand-in-hand with effectiveness. Whether it’s planning an event, organizing a celebration, or decluttering a living space, getting the job done right in the most effective, streamlined manner creates the best experience possible. Plus, being efficient includes using resources wisely. That means more money in everyone’s pocket and more time for all of us to do what we love.

Get your own personal logistics guru.

or just a seriously awesome second pair of hands.

Who is the Efficiency Ninja?

I’m Linda Cantella, and I’m passionate about helping my clients translate a need or a dream into a reality. I’m an experienced logistics professional with 30 years of project and event management expertise. I’ve had the privilege to work with awesome clients while executing corporate events, corporate & personal projects, senior relocations, small and large weddings, and retirement and birthday parties.

I bring this multi-faceted experience to each and every project, no matter the size. I am an effective logistics expert because I excel at working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes. I pro-actively anticipate and execute tasks and deliverables while maintaining the highest attention to detail. I am skilled at vendor negotiations to get the most value for each client. I communicate with my clients throughout the project to ensure they have real-time status and peace of mind.

I specialize in project management, event planning and execution, time management strategies, efficiency consulting, logistics, personal organization, senior relocation and moving plans, and much more.

I care deeply for all my clients; and demonstrate that by listening to what they need or want so I can help them define what needs to be done, and by providing solutions that work for each client individually. I am a powerful advocate.

How can I help?

Home Services

Get help with everything from clutter to big moves. Planning a loved one’s transition to a retirement home or assisted living community? I can jump in to make the process a smooth and positive one.

Organization Services

Get a little nudge (or a big push) towards your goals with my organization services. I can work on-site or remotely to help get your life organized and moving forward. Have a gnarly mess on your hands? Call for backup, and let me tackle it.


Whether you need a little bit or a lot of guidance, I can help. Get expert advice for both personal and professional problems, and get on the road towards a better future.

Project Management

A business event reflects on the company, so make yours shine. Company projects, events, conferences – I handle it all. From planning to execution, and everything in between, get excellent project management skills at your disposal.

Event Planning

Make the most of your milestones and ensure a Pinterest-worthy party with the help of a pro. Birthdays, weddings, retirement parties — if you can dream it, I’ll deliver it.

Custom Solutions

You’ve got a vision, and you need extra hands! I can use my expertise to help you reach your goals and turn visions to reality. Contact me to see how I can help. And don’t worry – I’ve heard it all!

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