The Philosophy of Decluttering

One of the most common questions I get asked is…’Where do you begin the decluttering process with a client who has a home (and garage) full of stuff?’  In my experience, it’s best to start with stuff that has less emotional attachment and these are belongings usually stored in spare bedroom closets, hallway closets, the attic or garage (out of the way places where you don’t see them every day).

If you start with things that don’t hold significant memories or attachment, you’ll gain momentum and feel a sense of accomplishment before the time comes to tackle the items you are attached to but know it Is time to part with; clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sporting equipment, towels & household linens, kitchen gadgets, etc.   Donations are always appreciated at Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Coastal Women’s Shelter and Knights of Columbus.  We are mindful that donations this time of the year are especially important to struggling families and anyone effected by Hurricane Florence.

I would be happy to have a conversation or start the decluttering process when you (or someone you know) is ready.

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