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Favor Turns Into a Rewarding Career

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Favor Turns Into A Rewarding Second Career

By Linda Cantella

Originally published in The County Compass

Before I moved to New Bern, I lived in Florida where I had an amazing next door neighbor, Pat. When she turned 80, Pat decided it was time to move into an independent living community. She was tired of worrying about potential expensive home repairs like plumbing, or a leaky roof. She did her own site visits; and picked out the retirement community she wanted. She told me she dreamed about having tea in the afternoon in her new apartment looking at the trees and pond below her patio. Talk about powerful visualization!

She was ready to move, but the thought of all the steps involved in the process overwhelmed her. I was between consulting assignments and offered to help her. I had no idea at the time that this favor for a friend and neighbor would jump start a new career for me.

I found a wonderful real estate agent to list and sell Pat’s home. I researched and selected a well-regarded estate sale company to stage an estate sale. I got quotes from local movers and booked a reasonably priced mover. I measured the rooms in her new apartment to ensure her selected furniture would fit. I measured her cabinets and closets to determine how much space she had for kitchen and bedroom belongings. We spent a few weeks going through every cabinet and closet, selecting items to sell, donate or move and packed up the belongings moving with her.

The sale of the home went smoothly, the estate sale was successful, and the move went off without a hitch. We unpacked her belongings and Pat made tea in her new apartment the afternoon of the move looking at the trees and the pond below her patio- eight weeks after she told me her dream.

Pat shared her moving adventure with friends and soon other seniors asked me to help them move!

My 30-year corporate background in project management was a perfect fit for building a business offering relocation planning and assistance services. I care deeply for all my clients; and demonstrate that by listening to what they need or want so I can help them define what needs to be done, and by providing solutions that work for each client individually. I am a powerful advocate for local North Carolina seniors.

I call myself “Efficiency Ninja.” When you, or someone you know, is ready to move into a local retirement community, please give me a call at 252-288-4467 or send me a messaging using the form below:


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