How to Downsize Without Moving

Downsizing can be scary, and many folks want to stay in their home as long as possible. After all, that’s where the memories were made! But a house full of memories often means a house full of STUFF. And it can be hard to get around in a cluttered house. It can be downright dangerous, too. Downsizing and decluttering go hand in hand, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to downsize without moving? There is! And I’m here to walk you through it.

Here’s the concept. In many cases, decluttering can have a huge impact on the home’s functionality and “user friendliness.” When you pair that with the bigger changes brought on by moving to a smaller home (think: furniture), you’ve got quite an effective duo.

During a move to a smaller home, you’re forced to eliminate the excess. You’ve got to consider the usefulness and worth of each item you choose to bring with you. During the move, you’ll quickly see what is just taking up space and what is serving a purpose. You’re more likely to make bigger, more impactful changes when you’re downsizing, simply out of necessity. But guess what? You can make those bigger, more impactful changes anyway! Here’s how:

Eliminate obstacles

Is there something that constantly “trips you up,” or stops your flow? Pay attention to the stuff that slows you down. It might be a kitchen hutch, or a side table, or a bookshelf. It might be a hamper, or your husband (just kidding). The point is, figure out what’s making your life more difficult, and then determine what to do about it. Consider selling or donating what you can. Selling unnecessary furniture and decor can fill your wallet while decluttering your home.

Bestow blessings

Local charities are usually more than happy to come get a load of donations, particularly if the items are in decent condition and already outside. If you have a bunch of perfectly useful things that you have no use for, donating is a quick and easy way to destash. You can also look for treasures to give to family and friends  – there’s probably things you haven’t seen in years that someone else would love. Find the good stuff and spread it around.

Update the layout

Declutter and organize. The goal is to make your day to day flow as simple as possible. Put complimentary items near each other. Make sure things are accessible when and where you need them. You can also take your existing layout and pare it down, removing clutter and organizing the space you have. It’s a good idea to have a second set of eyes on your project. Getting someone’s input is a great idea, since you’re used to quite a lot of things that perhaps can be done better. An outside opinion can reveal stuff you would never have realized – things that may make your life a whole lot easier.

It’s totally understandable to want to stay in your home as long as possible, regardless of the square footage. There are ways to make things easier, and improve your day to day life, without undergoing the stress and expense of a move. I am here to help figure out how to make your existing space more liveable, which can improve your quality of life dramatically. Give me a call at 252-288-4467 and let’s talk about your situation.

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