Painless Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Although it is certainly more involved than just taking out the garbage, closet organization doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Cleaning out your closet gives you a chance to start fresh – a clean slate on which to build new habits. It’s much easier to get through your day-to-day life when you’ve got what you need, when you need it. That’s exactly what good closet organization does for you.

If it’s the right time to tackle your closet clutter (hint: it’s always the right time), then take a look at these ways to make the process easier for you and your loved ones.

Pace yourself

Decide on a firm start and end date. Having a specific goal in mind makes it easier to actually achieve what you set out to do.

Set up a timeline

Go through the micro tasks required to complete the job, and order them. What needs to happen first? It’s much easier to “eat the elephant” if you know how many bites you have to take.

Gather supplies

Grab boxes, bags, permanent markers, colored Post-its, or whatever else will help you sort things out. Keep everything within arms reach and away from the piles of stuff to organize.

Start sorting

Categorize belongings into groups. Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Save for me
  2. Save for others
  3. Sell
  4. Donate
  5. Throw away
  6. Unsure

Color code the larger objects in these categories with Post-it notes or labels. That way you can identify the groups with just a glance.

Create momentum

Start with the items that are easiest to discard. You’ll clear space and create momentum. Get rid of broken, stained, unused, or unusable items first. Keep moving, labeling as you go. Stick with the OHIO rule (“Only Handle it Once”). Don’t stop to read every paper – designate a spot for things that require more examination, and set it aside. As you sort, clearly label the bags or boxes to donate, and set them aside. Avoid mingling the donate boxes with keepsakes, or you may feel compelled to re-sort everything again. Set limits for each pile if you want, to make sure that you’re not keeping too much.

Follow your plan

Keep track of the step you’re on, and make sure you’re always moving forward towards your initial goal. It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re sorting through belongings, especially ones with sentimental value. Stay focused, and don’t try to do everything at once.

Call in backup

Many hands make light work, as they say. This is particularly true with cleaning and organization. I’m here to help if you want backup, or someone to lead the charge. I’ve sorted more than my fair share of belongings, and created beautifully organized spaces from even the most cluttered of homes. Just give me a call.

It’s important to remember how your environment affects your wellbeing when you are making tough decisions on what to keep and what to let go. Sometimes, people decide to store boxes and boxes of things because they can’t bear to sort through it presently. But ask yourself, “If not now, when?” The closet, room, or home full of things may have taken a lifetime to gather, and can’t be sorted and packed up in one day. Don’t get discouraged. Any progress is good progress. Reward yourself for what you are able to get done in the time you have. Maintaining a home full of belongings is no easy task, especially if it lacks organization. You can give yourself the closet, or home, that you’ve always envied – one that has flow, form, and function.

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