Steps to Better Kitchen Organization

It’s likely the busiest room in your home, I know it is in mine – can you guess? It’s the kitchen! This hub of activity creates extra organizational challenges. Better kitchen organization can mean a more efficient routine, and a more efficient routine means more time for the important stuff. Here’s some tips on how to get better kitchen organization by next weekend!

  1. Don’t try to eat the whole elephant at once.

    Like with any goal, better kitchen organization just takes a little planning. Make a list, and break it down into manageable pieces. Knowing how long each task will take helps get a schedule together that you can actually accomplish. For example, one day’s focus may be to reorganize the top cabinets. The next day, spend a little time tidying up and reorganizing the food storage supplies. Whatever you do, just keep moving forward!

  2. Be flexible.

    Sometimes things that work on paper don’t go over so well in real life. If you find that your new organization method or layout just isn’t working, make tweaks. Do you need to move your flatware closer to the sink, and let the kitchen utensils stay on the counter? Maybe you keep reaching for something that isn’t there, but should be. Notice what slows you down during your normal kitchen activities, and take steps to avoid the trip-ups. Whatever the natural flow is, shape your kitchen to support that.

  3. Reach out.

    Call in the troops. Enlist your cohabitants to tick off items on your list, and give feedback on the new organization methods.

Look for inspiration before you start. There’s lots of resources out there. I’d be happy to help set up a plan to get your kitchen in fighting shape. After all, it’s the most important room in your house.

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